Indoor Plants Supply, Maintenance and Management

Indoor plants help to create pleasant office and home environment. The presence of plants in your surroundings bring a feeling of refreshment, they are more than decorative items to take up vacant spaces.To us, Indoor plants supply, maintenance and management is serious business undertaking.

Indoor Plants Supply, Maintenance and Management

To enjoy the full benefits of indoor pants, It is necessary that the plants are serviced frequently. This will ensure that the quality of plants displayed tallies with standards of surrounding physical aspects (fixtures).

Old plants should be replaced with young vigorously growing plants.

Our monthly potted plants maintenance program entails the following: -

  • Changing of any dried, diseased or outgrown plants at no extra costs to the client
  • Regular watering of the plants
  • Spraying for pests and diseases control
  • Frequent dusting of the planters and plants,among many other services

It is important to note that our strategies in plants maintenance entail the use of integrated pests' management; thus we strongly advocate the use of cultural and mechanical pests and diseases management rather than totally depending on chemicals.

We endevour to practice Green Plants Maintenance Practices.

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